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Discover Our Botanicals

The Aberturret Gin is made up of 14 hand-selected botanicals, resulting in an exciting, well-balanced London Dry Gin with a captivating complexity.


Juniper (Berry) - The defining ingredient. Clan Murray’s historic and talismanic symbol. Harvested from the juniper shrub, providing the essential pine characteristic in The Aberturret Gin.

Coriander (Seed) – Mellow citrus & spicy. Balancing the juniper flavour and providing complexity, often described as slightly floral or earthy.

Angelica (Root) - A complex flavour profile, offering earthy, musky, and slightly bitter notes. Maraging the flavours of Aberturret Gin together for a crisp, dry finish.

Cloves (Bud) – Adding depth and complex. Strong aromatic spice.

Lemon (Peel) – Enlivening and energising the palate, adding bright, acidic citrus notes.

Lime (Peel) – Sweet citrus notes of lime peel.

Cinnamon (Quill) - Imparting a strong, sweet, and aromatic spice flavour profile to The Aberturret Gin.

Grapefruit (Peel)– Fresh, zesty overtones.

Liquorice (Root) – Sweet, aromatic spice contributing to the overall complexity of The Aberturret Gin. Crisp Dry Finish.

Pine (Needle) – Adding resinous, herbaceous notes.

Pink Peppercorn (Peppercorn) – Soft, Spicy Note.

Chamomile (Flower) – Foraged locally from Perthshire. Floral Notes.

Sumac (Flower) – A taste of sweetness from Perthshire. Foraged locally.

The Glenturret’s New Make Spirit – From our Highland Home. Working together with Juniper, for a smooth and creamy finish. 

Tasting Notes

Nose: Juniper is very much to the fore, with citrus notes of lime peel and grapefruit adding zesty overtones, underpinned by a clean minerality which allows the aroma to flourish. A hint of lightly toasted marshmallow adds an inviting layer.

Palate: The first impression is a smooth and creamy note where the maltiness of the new make and the juniper work together, uplifting the brighter notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit citrus zests. These flavours are followed by floral notes of chamomile and pine, backed with spicy pink peppercorn and a hint of earthy sweetness from sumac. The journey is completed with a prickle of lemon sherbet on the finish, enlivening and energising the palate, with a wisp of sweet liquorice to compliment the citrus zests. 

Discover Our Botanicals
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